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Interview with Mr. Marco Antonio Carvalhaes Pereira,

President of CIOFF® Brazil

For the newsletter of CIOFF® Greece (May and June edition).

Questions by Mr. Kostas Ioannidis, President of CIOFF® Greece

After the successful 1st Virtual International Folklore Festival “Fest Folk Mundi In Rede” which was organized by CIOFF® Brazil and gave the opportunity to many dance groups from all over the world to show their cultural heritage to an audience from many countries, using social media and other virtual medias, we would like to have your opinions, your thoughts about it and how people reacted on this.

Question: After the end of the “1st Fest Folk Mundi in Rede”, tell us how do you feel about this project? Are you satisfied with the final result and is there anything that you would like to change?

Answer: I did stay satisfied with the festival’s final result! And yes, after did do any project, our understanding and view of capacity ‘s action above initial purpose can will be amplyed, and always we will want change many stuffs and actions! Well, I would change the period of inscription ( would left more long), would leave more clear the  videos’ time of the participation (10 minutes) and will mark one live action  with each group ‘s director to talk about the group and your culture, before the festivals days. This, I think, that will get content’s generate more rich and more public’s understanding  about the culture that will shared!

Question: How did this idea come out? Who had the first idea for it?

Answer: The idea arose out after observing that inside the virtual actions there weren’t the folklore actions, there were cultural actions about popular music, classical music, contemporaries dance and nothing about folklore! The initial idea of CIOFF®Brasil staff was that do make one national virtual meeting talking about it, but when arrived the idea at me I think “Why no, do one festival?” and put online production the National Festival, Fest Folk em rede! To my amazement, international groups started ask to participate to our National Festival and again I ask to myself “Why no, do one international festival” and borned the FEST FOLK MUNDI in Rede!

Question: Would you like to describe us the project, the program and any other details you want to share with us?

Answer: The events were designed as a window for the dissemination and consolidation of the CIOFF® system. It started with the idea of being a national event only, but with the arrival of requests from international groups to participate, an international event was implemented. The events proved to be more than an action designed to promote warmth during the quarantine period, they brought tools to analyze the management of national groups, the basis for CIOFF®Brazil’s campaigns, actions and training with and to national groups. The initial idea was that with equipment, programs and applications that we have in general on our computers, we could find a way to spread ourselves and exchange knowledge, explained Brazilian myths and legends, as well as strengthen the hard core of CIOFF®Brasil groups. The program of the national event was constituted on the valorization of the traditional and small groups, the younger groups of the CIOFF®Brazil system and those who never presented themselves in CIOFF® spaces.

Question: Which was the number of the people who worked on the project’s team, who are they and what was each ones specification?


  1. Denivaldo F. Lemes Filho-Graphic Designer
  2. Bruna Boff- Presenter
  3. Daniela Santos-Marketing Director
  4. Poliana Santos – Administrative Director
  5. Darlan Vieira-Cultural Director
  6. Fabiano Ferreira-Production Director
  7. Vinicius Medeiros- Presenter
  8. Ewerton Duarte -Graphic Assistance
  9. Socorro Maciel-Commentator
  10. Luis Wagner K. Pereira-Director of Photography
  11. Sérgio Cose – General Management
  12. Marco Antonio -General Production

Question: How many groups participated and from which countries? Did you receive any negative answer?

Answer: In the national edition 25 groups were selected and 35 signed up, with 10 groups not selected due to the sound quality and images of their videos not being in minimum for reproduction.

69 international groups applied for the international edition. As one of the rules of participation was to belong to the CIOFF® International system, 40 groups were dismissed and indicated that they should contact their country’s CIOFF®, in order to be able to participate in the actions proposed by the system in the near future.

Then, in the national edition, 25 Brazilian groups were presented, and in the international edition, 29 international groups and 25 Brazilian groups. We did not have direct negatives, we had no response from CIOFF®’s country representations.

Question: How the people of Brazil reacted on this new project for festival? Do you receive any comments, support and feedback?

Answer: The reaction of the people to the project was great, it was seen as the opening of a new space for the groups. We had very good responses and many suggestions to improve the next edition.

Question: Do you think this festival was a “good practice” to promote cultural heritage during the pandemic?

Answer: Yes it was a good practice, moreover it is being considered as a new event of the CIOFF®Brazil Calendary.

Question: How is the situation in your country with the pandemic?

Answer: If the pace of acceleration of the covid-19 pandemic continues, Brazil can see the end of the outbreak of the new coronavirus only after Christmas, on December 29, therefore, care with isolation must be maintained. In Brazil today, it provides for the relaxation of social isolation measures. What concerns us socially, but becomes a necessity to move the country’s economy.

Question: Did the pandemic create problems to cultural events in your country? How CIOFF® Brazil and your Members have been affected by pandemic and all the measures for social distancing?

Answer: The quarantine suspended trade activities, shopping malls, events, cultural activities and nightclubs. Establishments such as supermarkets, pharmacies, bakeries, clinics, gas stations and logistics services were maintained. All cultural events were suspended and the cultural sector went into crisis. So we are having to reinvent ourselves. In the specific case of the CIOFF®Brasil groups, the practices were suspended, some groups ended. The craft sector suffers from a lack of commercial action. Almost everyone in Brazil either lost a family member or acquaintance to COVID-19. But social isolation brought us virtually closer to other groups and consolidated national actions together; because everyone had to master the language of the applications to overcome isolation.

Question: Do you have plans for other virtual events or a second edition of the festival next year?

Answer: Yes, we will be launching the II FEST folk in REDE – national edition and II Fest Folk Mundi in REDE international edition.

Question: 2020 is the anniversary year of CIOFF®, celebrating the 50 years of its foundation. What do you wish for CIOFF® and all its Members around the world?


I wish everyone a lot of health, meeting actions and, above all, actions that promote peace and increase the appreciation of intangible cultural heritage

Thank you very much!

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