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I Fest Folk Mundi in Rede

1st Fest Folk Mundi in Rede bylaws and regulations

CIOFF Brazil´s president in use of his due attributions summons affiliated
groups from your home country to join the 1st Festival Folk Mundi in Rede, which shall happen online via instagram @cioffbrasil and Facebook CIOFF Brasil´s page

  1. The OBJECT
    The presente bylaws regulate the object of selecting up to 20 (twenty) international folkloric groups, properly enrolled in their home countries CIOFF Brazil. These groups enlist the special programme of cultural diffusion in the pandemic confrontation COVID- 19 context through the 1st Festival Folk Mundi in Rede.
    2.1 Only properly CIOFF enrolled groups presenting a Consent Letter from its CIOFF country section in the moment of subscribing;
    2.2 Each country will be able to allow more than one Consent Letter from different regions to interested affiliated groups, though only one will finally be selected.
    3.1 Subscriptions will happen only from April 20 to 26 ( 2020), sent to
    3.2 Those interested should send via Google Drive or We Transfer a vídeo (mp4) in High Definition or better, alongside with audio and image – both in good quality (definition-wise) up to 10 ( ten ) minutes lenght;
    3.3 3 ( three) HD photos for advertisement should be sent;
    3.4 Fill out and send the SUBSCRIPTION SHEET – Attached document I;
    3.5 Fill out and send signed the IMAGE AND AUDIO USE PERMIT –
    Attached document II;
    3.6 Send in the Consent Letter from the originary country´s CIOFF section from which the group is affiliated;
    3.7 Send in a handicraft artist virtual store link from your country for local crafts diffusion.
    The selection process will be made by a comission of 3 members
    which will analyse the sent documents as soon as enrolled, as well as the digital content quality presented.
    The final selecion result will be announced at CIOFF social media no longer than May 06 th, 2020.
    The 1st Fest Folk em Rede broadcast will happen from May 13th to May 17th, from 10 pm to 11 pm LIVE at both Facebook and Instagram @CIOFFBRASIL.
    Eventual blanked cases shall be solved by the Evaluation Board and by CIOFF Brazil´s president

Anápolis, 15 de abril de 2020.

Marco Antonio Carvalhaes Pereira

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